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Create life-changing experiences for your 



"Connection. . . it's the cure to internal poverty"

- Greg Jensen

CEO and Founder of

Cultivate Institute

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Custom retreats, tailored

to fit your needs. 

Perfect for. . .

Rewards Trips



- Lake Days

- Zip-lining

- Kayaking

- Stand-Up Paddleboarding



- Exploring Tikal

- Cultural Tours around Panajachel

- Experiencing new cultures

Greg with ladies.jpeg


- Connection Days with Cultiva International

- Exploring San Juan and meeting local artisans

Image by Alexander Schimmeck
  • Exploring Tikal ruins 

  • Hiking

  • Swimming in Lake Atitlán

  • Zip-lining

  • Connection days with Cultiva International

  • Kayaking and SUP

  • Meeting local artisans 

  • Cultural tours

Image by Alexander Schimmeck

With the ability to choose the things you want your group to experience, you can create the perfect environment for growth, connection, adventure, learning, or rejuvenation to fit your groups needs.  Each activity is set up to guarantee a smooth and simple planning process. 


We take care of all the details so you can focus on connecting with your group and having fun! We take care of lodging, transportation, meals, activities and all the necessary parts of making these retreats an unforgettable experience! 

Hear what people have to say...

The entire team is absolutely amazing and I will forever cherish my time with you all in Guatemala. I hope to return soon with my family so you can also change their life!!! I know your team put a lot of effort and time putting our week together, thank you for making it so memorable and life changing for me personally!! All my love to your team and what you're doing.


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Why Guatemala?

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