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Do you suffer from internal poverty?

I know the feeling. Waking up and realizing that your work doesn't fulfill you, you aren't happy, your health isn't what it used to be, or your relationships have gone stale. Whether it's these issues or any other, your life isn't what you wanted it to be. 

This is exactly what I have experienced in my life too. 


Stuck in a job that paid the bills but didn't allow me to really enjoy my work was only the beginning. Years of unanswered life questions, missed opportunities, and way too many Sunday evenings spent dreading the coming Monday left me desperate for change. 


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This was internal poverty at it's strongest. The feelings of hopelessness, shame, despair, and many more are some of its most intense symptoms. Unfortunately, these symptoms of internal poverty have become so common that most don't realize that they're symptoms of something bigger and scarier, the disease of internal poverty. 


After years of studying both internal and external poverty and founding

Cultiva International, a non-profit organization in Guatemala dedicated to eradicating extreme poverty through education and empowerment, I built this business around helping others tackle their own internal poverty. 

And this coaching program is the way to do that. Join me in my own journey of tackling internal poverty and experience incredible changes in your life along the way. 

Alleviating Your Internal Poverty Starts Like This. . . 

- Finding fulfillment in your life 

- Discovering what makes you happy

- Strengthening your relationships through real connection

- Building your life around what you value 

What Does Coaching Look Like?

  • Weekly, online calls with Greg

  • One-on-one conversation

  • Mindset and daily habits

  • Access to study resources

  • Accountability and follow up

  • 6 month program

See if we're a good fit!

If you knew there was a guaranteed method to get the results you want, would you do it? 

Where do you want better results? 

- Professionally

- Health & Fitness

- Performance

- Relationships

- Confidence

- Mindset

You want results, you have the tools, so what's stopping you? 

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