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We Help You Cultivate Meaningful, Life-Changing Experiences!

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"Connection. It's the secret ingredient, it's the cure to internal poverty." 

Greg Jensen, Founder of
Cultivate Institute



- when you feel lonely 
- when you feel anxious 
- when you feel desperate 
- when you feel inadequate 
- when you feel ashamed
- when you feel depressed 
- when you feel overwhelmed 

What can we help you with?

That's what we're here for.

Here at Cultivate Institute, we use the things we've learned through years in Guatemala to help foster life-changing experiences and new perspectives on the path of personal growth. We strive to facilitate authentic connections and moments to embrace the beautiful culture of the country we've come to love. 

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What we offer. . . 
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Join us in Guatemala for a customized experience for your group, team, family, club, or treatment program! 

One-on-one online coaching with Greg to identify what's holding you back and get you to the next level.

Hire Greg to come and speak on alleviating your internal poverty at your school, company, event, or conference!

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Greg Jensen, Founder of
Cultivate Institute

In 2011, I moved to Guatemala with my family, not to start a humanitarian organization, but simply in search of a different kind of life. I saw need around us, and did what you would do.  I tried to help.  After lots of failures, and lots of learning, what emerged was an organization, Cultiva International,  that is changing lives by putting food in bellies and hope in hearts.


Since then, I founded Cultivate Institute, an organization that is committed to provide resources that teach us how to be more and do more with our lives. What we teach about the true definition of poverty is powerful and will change your perspective. With this new knowledge and connection, you will be more armed to recalibrate your life and make sure you’re having the impact you want. 


Greg Jensen

Co-founder of Cultiva International
and founder of Cultivate Institute

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