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Explore the “gray areas” of leadership with curiosity, humor and growth in mind.

Join us for conversations with inspirational leaders from all walks of life, as we discuss what it means to be a Mindful Leader in today's world. We will share stories of successes and failures, offer tips for aspiring leaders, and explore the overall messiness of leadership with curiosity, humor, and growth. At Move Mountains, we understand that Mindful Leadership is a constant journey, and we know that we all have the capacity to be leaders. Through meaningful conversations and the proper alignment of Attention, Intention, and Action, we can all rise to the challenges of the world today and make it a little brighter for everyone.

Take a fascinating journey to Guatemala with Greg Jensen, Founder and Director of Cultiva International, a humanitarian organization working to eradicate extreme poverty one relationship and one garden box at a time. Greg’s story is not just about his work on an urgent and complex global issue but is also about rethinking how to solve and define problems and their root causes, how to inspire true empowerment so people can lift themselves up out of dependence, and the value of giving and receiving.

From a bold move to Guatemala with his family 10 years ago in a Honda Minivan to start a trail running tour business, Greg’s focus shifted to exploring external and internal poverty. His organization works on the visible, tangible, and external lack of basic needs and resources, but also the internal shame, and interwoven dynamics of motivation, confidence, hope, worth, and purpose that can hold anyone back. He explores the difference between acute and chronic problems, the power of just starting something even if you think you’re not really ready for the next thing, and the leadership lessons he’s learned along the trail.


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